NaNoWriMo Day 8 Part 2
posted at: 11/9/2014

Matilda was awakened in the morning by a whine. The kid was up and addressing Reginald. "But you're a wizard! Why can't you just make breakfast appear?"

"No, he's a familiar, not a wizard. I'm the wizard." Herford waved his rabbit paw at the boy. "And I can't make breakfast appear because I can't make something out of nothing. I'm a wizard. I'm not God."

The kid pointed to Matilda's bed. "Where'd that cot come from then?"

"It came from a back closet on the fifth floor."

The kid crossed his arms and thumped into one of the chairs next to the table. "Well can't you just conjure up some eggs and toast from somewhere else then?"

It's hard for a rabbit to look disdainful, but Herford was at least still able to sound disdainful. "I do not steal from my neighbors."

The boy let out an angry huff and mumbled "I never said you should steal."

Herford said, "If you want stale bread, moldy cheese, bad eggs, and sour milk, I have that. I've been away from home these last months, remember? I haven't been able to prepare for visitors."

Fully up by now, Matilda stepped onto the battlefield. "We do still have some food in our bags. Or at least I do. Why don't we make our breakfast from that?"

The kid looked up. "It's not breakfast. It's that he can't even make breakfast."

Matilda was confused. "What?"

The kid continued. "He's the first wizard I've ever met and he can't even make breakfast."

Herford said, "I'm also a rabbit."

"And he's a rabbit."

The Queen Mother nodded. "Yes, he is a rabbit, but at least he's a talking rabbit."

"No he's not! He has his pigeon do it for him! He's not even a talking rabbit!" The boy waved his arms around in his fury.

Matilda looked at Herford. "I was wondering about that, too. Why is it that Reginald talks for you?"

"I used that spell because I knew it. I could probably make myself into a talking rabbit, but I'd have to look that one up." Herford answered. "And Reginald is not a pigeon. He's a pheasant."

The kid shrugged. "Eh. What's the difference?"

The rabbit bristled. "The difference is that I would be ashamed to have a pigeon for a familiar. They're garrulous, gossipy birds. Reginald is noble and discreet."

The lad seemed like he was forming a reply but Matilda cut him off. She clapped her hands. "Ok then." And started bustling the kid to the door. "What if you went and gave Sugar Bell some water and hay while I get

breakfast ready?"

The boy left, grumbling, for the stable. Herford hopped up onto the table. "I don't like him."

Matilda began pulling bread and cheese and dried meat out of her bag. "Just give it some time. I'm sure you'll learn to get along."

"And I don't even know what to call him when I want to yell at him. We need to give him a name."

"I'm sure he already has a name."

"Well, he won't tell us what it is so he needs another one." Herford hopped down. "I'm going to call him Amaranth."

"You can call him that if you want. He might not like that name."

"No one gets to pick their own name. He'll have to learn to like it."

As it turned out, Amaranth did like his new name. He was so pleased with it that he appeared to forget the argument altogether and ate his breakfast cheerfully.