NaNoWriMo Day 9 Part 1
posted at: 11/10/2014

After breakfast had been cleared away, the trio began trying to work out a plan. Amaranth wanted to storm the castle with Herford's wizardly powers, but Herford told him that he wasn't really that kind of wizard.

"Well, what kind of wizard are you then? Can you do any magic at all?" Amaranth asked.

Herford just huffed and levitated four books down from the upper stories. They bore titles like Practical Spells for the Travelling Wizard and What To Do On A Quest.

Matilda broke in. "I think we should try to get a message out to both parties. We can explain the situation and let them know that they shouldn't go to the castle."

The books were floating in a large, rotating circle now. Herford said, "But they're coming from opposite directions. We'll have enough trouble reaching one of them in time, let alone both."

"And your royal mule is a little slow." Amaranth pointed out.

"We could split up." The Queen Mother insisted.

"I'm sorry, Maddy, but I really don't think we'd do well apart. I'm a rabbit, he's a child, and, forgive me for saying it, but you're not exactly young anymore."

Matilda sighed. "Fine then, do either of you have any other ideas?"

Amaranth shrugged. "Could Mr. Herford send a message?"

Matilda looked at Herford, but he just raised one of his rabbit eyebrows and shook his head. "I really don't think you know how complicated that would be. It's one thing to levitate some books. It's an entirely different thing to send a letter across the country to intercept an individual. How would it know who's who? How would it know where and how to find the person it's looking for? No, wizards use the post. Just like everyone else.' The boy looked miffed and mumbled something about how it was useless to be a wizard.

The Queen Mother frowned. "Do you have any ideas, Herford?"

The wizard sat back on his haunches and rubbed his whiskers. "George is technically the king now, right? Then I think we should try to intercept him. He'll probably be the one that Charles is most interested in getting rid of." The other two nodded. Herford frowned. "But I doubt we'll get there in time with that mule as slow as she is."

Matilda gasped and would have jumped from her chair if she had been able to. Instead, she did a sort of slow, half rise. "I don't know why I didn't think of them before! If we need to go fast, then we need to go talk with the Weisgarbers."

"Weisgarbers?" Herford asked. "Why does that sound so familiar?"

"They've probably bought potions from you. They buy up a lot of potions from the local wizards." Matilda explained.

Herford nodded. "Oh yes! That shy boy who comes here every once in a while and buys everything I have. I like them."

Matilda smiled. "That's their son. He is very quiet. Nice kid. Anyway, it's a little bit of an open secret that they have the fastest horses in the kingdom. They never race them, but trust me, they're the fastest."